Since 1998, Poppins has been growing steadily into a renowned and much-loved cereal brand with a wide variety of appetizing products. Poppins is a subsidiary of Daher International Food Company s.a.l., a major FMCG group with over 600 employees and the sole manufacturer of breakfast cereal products in the Middle East. Using only the finest raw materials and the latest technologies, Poppins caters to the needs of families, adults and children across the region with a wide range of high-quality, ready-to-eat breakfast cereals and cereal bars.

To accommodate the overwhelming increase in demand for its cereals, Poppins relocated its production to a 15,000 m2 state-of-the art factory in 2006. The factory has been designed to guarantee the health and safety of consumers and adheres to the highest local and international standards. In 2008, Poppins achieved another milestone with the launch of its cereal bar line, ensuring its consumers can enjoy their favourite cereal brands on the go.

With a mission to always provide its customers with healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle, Poppins operates in the Middle East, Africa and Europe through strategic partnerships with distributors and continuously works on extending its reach.

Today, Poppins products are available to customers through more than 22,000 points of sale throughout Lebanon and are exported to more than 28 countries across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe; the brand is leading in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq.

Poppins continues to expand and diversify at an impressive rate, with plans to open a 20,000 m2 confectionary factory in 2017. Always aiming to nurture the health of our communities, at Poppins, we invest in the latest technologies and leading talents to provide our consumers with quality products they can truly trust.